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Other Random Cheats

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Here are some other tips, codes and random stuff. You don't need to know this stuff to play with your Tama,it's just entertaining stuff.

Back From the Dead!!!
If your Tama dies you'll probibly be sad and wish he/she was back, right? Well now you can bring your tama back from the dead! When your Tama dies push A and C to get a new egg. But push B and select DOWNLOAD and your Tama will be back from the dead! Don't let your Tama out of you sight for about 10 minutes though, or it might die again!

On special day your Tama will celebrate with you! Here is a chart of all the events I know and when they take place. You can change the day and time to see the events take place!

December 23-25
Random Times Throughout The Day
Santa Comming
December 24
11:59 PM
Happy New Year!
December 31-January 1
Around Midnight
Valentines Day
Febuary 14
Random Times Throughout The Day
October 31
Random Times Throughout The Day
Your Birthday
The Birthday You Used When You Created Your Tama
Random Times Throughout The Day

Back in time!
When your Tama evolves and you want it to go back to it's last stage then try this. Make sure you haven't connected or done anything major since it evolved. Push the reset button the push B and select DOWNLOAD. You tama should be back to the last stage!
When you push DOWNLOAD your tama gose back to the last major stage in it's life, like evolving. Try it for other things too!  

Keep the Adult!!
2 midnights after your Tama has a baby the parent leaves, right? WRONG! If you pause it at night then the adult can never leave and will continue to grow older until it dies. When you want the parent to leave then just leave it unpaused over night!

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