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This section isn't done yet. Coming soon are more personalities, e-cards and more!

Your Tama will turn out differently depending on how you treat it. Here are some personalities that you could give your Tama:

Angel-Treat your Tama PERFECTLY. Never let it's hearts go below one. Barely ever feed it sweets. Always exercise it but make sure it doesn't get too skinny. Train it all the way. Only connect with one of the opposite gender, and marry them when the Tamas are old.
Posible Character: Mimitchi or Mametchi

Player-Have your Tama connect with all the opposite gender people that you know until they all have 4 hearts. Keep connecting with them and you may have kids with all of them but you will only keep one for your Tama.
Posible Character: Any

Sporty-Exercise your Tama ALOT, get it down to a skinny as it will go. When you feed it exercise the weight off right away. Sometimes leave it a bit hungry.
Possible Character: Hanatchi

Couch Potato-Never exercise your Tama, feed it snacks to make it happy. When you connect with people try to give or get presents instead of playing games.
Possible Characters: Masktchi or Gozarutchi.

 Here are some E-cards to send to your friends and family. 

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