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Advanced Tips

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So you have a Tamagotchi, and you know how to take care of it, but you want to know more. Here are some tips to help you get the best Tamagotchi you can.

Here are all the different Tamagotchi characters you can get.




Those are all the characters you can get. They are listed from best and hardest to get to um worst and easiest to get.Except for the last three. Oyajitchi is a secrect character, and Ojitchi and Otokitchi and seiniors. Basicly the better you take care of them, the highest character you'll get.But you can't always try to get them whenever you want.It depends on their generation. Here are the different generation groups."Odd" is the first, third, fifth etc. "Even" is second, fourth, sixth etc. "Any" ones you can get every time.


It's called Tamagotchi Connection so you probibly want to know some tips about connecting, right?
When you connect you can play one of two games or one Tamagotchi might give the other a present. Here are all the presents you could get.




Here are all the Tamas and what they eat:

Babytchi: White Bottle-Black Bottle

Child/Teen: Bun-Candy

Mametchi/Mimitchi: Sushi-Cake

Kutchipatchi/Memetchi: Toast-Icecream

Hanatchi/Androtchi: Fish-Sundae

Tarakotchi: Chicken-Doughnut

Masktchi/Gozarutchi: Pizza-Corndog

Old Folks: Bun-Coffee

Oyajitchi: Shishkabob-Coffee

Game Scores
When you play the jump game, the higher the score, the more happiness hearts you'll gain. Here are the scores and their rewards:
3-9: one
0-2: None
10-19: two
20-29: three
 30: all four!!

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